Research & Development

The concept of a pure baby wipe, which is also caring to the planet, is not something which should be taken for granted

The development of the revolutionary Aqua Wipes®, involved extensive research by our R and D team, applying years of experience in skincare product formulation, to formulate an effective and revolutionary baby wipes.

Aqua Wipes® have the following unique attributes

•  100% Biodegradable

•  Plastic free

•  Paraben Free

•  Perfume Free

•  Contains > 99% Purified Water

•  With Organic Aloe Vera

• Suitable from birth

•  Two-year shelf-life (from date of manufacture)

•  NHS Approved.

The development of these world leading pure water baby wipes would not have been possible without the continued dedication and commitment of our Research & Development team.

Aqua Wipes®…..The kindest baby wipes from Nature!


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