Aqua Wipes® Biodegradable, Water Wipes!

We have applied our extensive expertise in skincare development, working tirelessly to formulate a unique baby wipe that is both eco-friendly and pure, ensuring both the environment, and your precious baby are given the ultimate level of care they deserve.

Aqua Wipes® are a natural, 100% biodegradable, plastic free baby wipe with 99.6% Purified Water and Organic Aloe Vera.

We understand how delicate your newborn babies’ skin is. It is usually recommended that they are cleansed with pure water and cotton wool only, in fact, some guidelines recommend not to use regular baby wipes in the early days of a newborn baby’s life, due to their high levels of chemicals. Aqua Wipes® are the perfect solution. Registered with the Vegan Society, approved by the NHS and tested by paediatricians, our natural, plastic free, water wipes are suitable for newborn, premature and sensitive baby’s skin.

Our water wipes are fully biodegradable and free from perfume, SLS and parabens, our clinical trials show that Aqua Wipes® biodegrade in around 15 days. Made from wood pulp, they are also compostable which means you can add them to your household compost bin without worry.

Aqua Wipes® are award winning! We have won a Gold Loved by Parents Award for Best Eco-Friendly Baby Wipe. One of the most trusted parenting award programmes, our water wipes were tested by and voted for by parents.

We also won Gold in the Best Baby & Toddler Gear and Project Baby Awards. Again, our natural water wipes were judged by those that matter, the parents!

More than a regular baby wipe, containing over 99.6% Purified Water and organic Aloe Vera, Aqua Wipes are a perfect natural alternative to protect against nasties. Pure water wipes for babies.

Switch to Aqua Wipes® and protect our precious planet as well as your precious baby.